Sark hands

GIP (hand porn redux)

I'm a sad, sad little Sark fangirl. And I've made peace with that.
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I've never even watched the show, and I'm still giggling like mad.

Especially over your icon, which I love. I have so seen equivalent broadcasts.

Also? I am at work doing overtime and I am BORED UNTO DEATH.

So thank you for posting. :p
Hee! No problem!

For a little setup, they had David Anders, who plays Sark, the reoccurring blond British baddie with "flexible loyalties", listed as a special guest star in the credits. And they had Arvin Sloane, who's a sort of ambiguously evil main character, engaging in behavior throughout that was obviously intended to get him surreptitiously in contact with someone who could help him out: he got the people he's working for/being held captive by to buy him a rare manuscript, and the person whom they bought it from was all oh, I didn't recognize the buyer but they knew our protocol! And then Sloane goes to that church pictured here surrounded by a pair of armed guards to light a candle for his daughter and this guy wearing a nice sharp suit and with very pretty hands just so happens to appear and retrieve the piece of paper that Sloane left there.

So they pan up to his face very very very slowly, as if there were, like, an iota of suspense here about who this guy is, but who cares? Hand porn!