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T00by London pictures

Yeah, these are somehow different from everyone else's pictures of London because these are my pictures of London.

I miss London. It was so pretty and cool.

Well, I suppose that this is self-explanatory.

The banks of the Thames and Cleopatra's Needle

Yeah, so I saw the spraypainted "This is not a photo opportunity" and I immediately reached for my camera. Reverse psychology, I suppose.

Another cool bit of quasi-vandalism

I just like this one.

Yay, it's my street!

I have lots of pictures with people looking at guidebooks in them. It's great.

Obligatory "Can I get this into my viewfinder?" shot

I had totally forgotten that the Burghers of Calais were there until I tripped over them.

Most seagulls weren't as obliging as this one

Pigeons and tourists flock to Trafalgar Square

I love the distribution of the pigeons.

More phallic objects

This is where I stayed in Harrow. This picture proves that I actually saw a blue sky while I was there, even if it was only for a couple of hours that one morning.

I ate lunch here by this statue of Wellington.

I forget what that crazy metal building was all about, but it was great.

That's a Christmas tree in the window at the Tower of London, although you can't really see it.
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Oh, how you've made me miss it...

I'm so glad I'm going in March.
How come nobody asked us where we wanted to live before we were born, damn it? It would have made things so much easier.

Ooh! Another geology-type! :D *polishes her shiny B.Sc. of same* It's so much fun. What are you going to be doing up here in the Great White North, eh?

Oh, and do you have a toque? You need a toque, or they won't let you through customs. ;)
Loverly pics.

Can I save them and show them to a friend of mine? :) We've been planning on going there maybe next year.
Go right ahead. :) Heck, put them in a PowerPoint presentation entitled "Why we should totally go to London as it is the coolest place ever." You have my whole-hearted approval.
Metal building is Lloyds of London - shipping insurance.

Thanks for sharing. I'm always curious to see what other people think of my city - I envy people who are getting to see it all for the first time.
Ah, indeed! It all comes back to me now.

It was a pretty heady experience, especially after living imaginatively in London for years now. I still envy people who got to grow up with it, however. ;)
Bwahahaha "This is not a photo opportunity."
When I win the lottery, you want to go to London with me?
And your name's margaret? I thought your name was "Hap."
Well, at least I'm doing better than when we were in high school, and I thought your name was "Gretz." I was so disappointed you weren't a hockey champ, or a hockey anything.

I mean, you've only known me in Real Life for over four years. No reason that you should, like, know my name or anything.

I read some books about hockey players; does that count?